Our Business

We are passionate about German to English translation revision proofreading .

Teutoniq provides German to English translation, revision and proofreading services to companies throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the 'DACH' region) who wish to export their products and services to English-speaking markets.

We specialise in helping you deliver the language element of your export strategy, whether this is translation of documents or contracts, developing the English section of your multilingual website or preparing a unique software product or mobile phone app for use in English-speaking markets. We know language should not be a barrier to your international business and export success. Therefore, if you want successful translation of your message from German into English, we are your specialist when it comes to ensuring that your message is heard and understood by native-English speakers.

Let us help you with the translation of your documentation and material from German into English, for all aspects of your export business, or even maybe refine your current English offering.

Why are we different?

Teutoniq’s managing director, Paul Stewart, has a background in German to English business, sales/marketing, linguistics and speaks German as his second language. He has training in advanced translation techniques at Master’s level and understands how to apply this knowledge in the commercial translation and localisation environment to benefit German-speaking clients.

His knowledge and experience of the global language services industry is extensive and he has built up a global network of contacts throughout many sectors of industry. As a former translation project manager he is fully aware of the dangers and pitfalls of commercial translation and localisation, therefore, Teutoniq is best placed to maximise your company’s English-speaking market sales and export success through our expert German to English translation, revision and proofreading services.

As the name 'Teutoniq' suggests, we concentrate on German to English; this is our specialised area of focus. We are are not 'all things to all people', rather, we concentrate our expertise on German into English. The name 'Teutoniq' speaks of those things pertaining to the German language and culture and our focus means that we understand how Germans and English-speakers think and feel as well as how best to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps with regards to translation.

Let our experieince be the key ingredient to your success.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a suitable translation/proofreading solution to ensure that your message in English-speaking markets is clearly understood and extremely effective. As seasoned experts in translation and localisation, we actively look for the potential pitfalls ahead of time so problems can be avoided and your translation project is executed seamlessly and efficiently.

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