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Translation and Export – More bang for your buck

Unfortunately, all too often, exporters fail to realise the complexity and the cost involved in translation of material from English into another language. It may cost time and money to export but done correctly the bottom line is this: a healthy bottom line (excuse the terrible pun!).

There are a two main ways in which you can make translation cost-effective and squeeze every last drop out of your investment as you grow your exports:

1. Using past translations to apply to future work

Using the leading industry software, anything which we translate for you is stored for future use in what is called a “translation memory” (TM). Let’s say, for example, that you are seeking to enter the Czech market to sell widgets and that you translate your marketing literature and manuals from English into Czech. Let’s also suppose that you have a technical phrase “A-B-C-D-E” which appears throughout numerous documents. Our translators harness TM technology to only ever have to translate this phrase once. Any future occurrences of this exact phrase are automatically translated in any future work. This has two advantages for you: (1) consistency of translation is maintained for all future translation work, hence protecting your brand and terminology which (2) leads to more cost-effective translation because you never have to pay full-price for this phrase to be translated again. Translation memory saves you both time and money.

2. Using what you have translated before

If you have had material translated in the past can this be used in the future? The answer is a resounding yes! What you have translated in the past can be taken and utilised for translation in the future through a process which we language buffs call “leveraging”. So long as you have both your original document and the translated document, we are able to take both of them and add your previous translated material to the translation memory, as per above. Obviously this process takes some work but the benefits to you are tangible and immediate. Nothing that you have had translated in the past is wasted and everything is applicable and available for translation matches in the future. Again, here you can benefit from consistency of translation and the cost savings which will apply to any phrases which have already been translated in past documents.

So there you have it; the more you translate with us, the cheaper and more consistent it can get!

Part of our “language for export” service provision for exporting companies includes these two advantages. By choosing Teutoniq as your language service provider we can ensure that we maximise your return on your translation investment for export by delivering more cost-effective, streamlined and efficient translation solutions which not only save you money and speed up the whole process but also protect your brand identity and ensure consistency throughout your non-English export communications.

To benefit from our holistic approach towards language, translation and export, we’d love to visit you and talk more over a coffee or tea.