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Belfast City to Amsterdam – Good news for exporters

Given the importance to Northern Ireland’s economy of exporting, it is great news that KLM has announced a daily direct service from Belfast City Airport to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport from May this year. This will undoubtedly benefit Northern Ireland’s exporters greatly as it will mean direct access to one of Europe’s biggest and busiest airline hubs.

As a “regional economy”, to have another gateway to the world will make it easier for our exporters to reach many global destinations with more ease and in quicker time. Having Schiphol as another option in addition to London Heathrow should provide local companies with a larger choice of routes at competitive prices. The advantage of having other viable transport alternatives in place to reach new global markets is exciting and comes at the right time. For the local economy to grow, exporting is essential, which is why this new KLM route is vital.

Of course, with new markets and expanding opportunities comes the necessary hard work also. It’s fine to be able to jet off to Beijing, Berlin or Bahrain more easily but exporters must always remember that to sell to non-English speakers, you must sell to them in their own language. You risk putting all your hard work in jeopardy if you assume that your new potential customer will just be able to speak English. Furthermore, different countries have different business and cultural conventions, which must be respected and adhered to. So before you jet off to Jakarta you must ensure that your export language strategy is in place well before you depart.

Teutoniq can help you prepare for this, in that we provide language consultancy and translation solutions to make sure that you enter a new international market with the best possible chance of success. We sit down with you and help you plan, budget and develop the right language strategy to ensure that you speak your customer’s language. So, whether you need a brochure in French, a website in Arabic, a manual in Norwegian or your software in Slovak, please do not jet off without having a coffee and chat with us before you go.

“Dank u wel” KLM and here’s to Northern Ireland’s growing success in exporting!